The Senior Leadership Challenge has become more Horizontal than Vertical

by Brian Brittain on April 26, 2019


“The leadership challenge now is not the people that report to you—but all the others you need to get on side”.

The main outcome of effective leadership, is influence. Relatively easy to influence your team, as they report to you, but harder to influence those in another part of the business where you have no formal accountability or authority.

A question you need to ask yourself, is how willing and capable you are to lead horizontally as well as vertically? This involves two key skills and mindsets
1. Do you have the interpersonal sensitivity and skill to be able to influence someone who doesn’t report to you?
2. Are you honestly open and curious enough to be influenced by others from across the floor?

In my experience a necessary requirement for the above is that all parties have a common purpose and set of values.

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