Leading by Following the Raptors

June 18, 2019

To observe the evolution of the game of basketball and see which teams perform best now, are a good lesson for any organization and its leaders. Essentially they have evolved from groups of highly talented individuals to true teams. The game of “iso” (individual hero players taking over games in the last five minutes) has […]

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Designing the Rest of Your Life

February 20, 2018

THE CHALLENGE AND OPPORTUNITY The concept of “retirement” doesn’t make sense for many of today’s senior executives or business owners transitioning into another phase of their lives. These individuals are often between 55 and 65 years of age, healthy and financially secure, with another 10-20 productive years in front of them. This is a new […]

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Leading into and through Disruption

February 5, 2018

The pace of change is accelerating, and Digital Transformation (big data, internet of things, AI, etc.) is the primary engine accelerating this pace in businesses and organizations. More and more of us are becoming, or are already overwhelmed by a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) reality and finding it increasingly difficult or impossible to […]

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Executive Development: Wasted Potential in the Boardroom

October 16, 2017

Working with senior executive teams, I rarely hear complaints about the technical and business talent level of the individual members in the room. However, asking about the effectiveness of the team as a collective leadership body, to lead the implementation of strategy and change…that is a different story. Most of these executives will report that […]

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Coaching for Integration

May 9, 2017

Most of us have an innate drive toward health.  My doctor friends would tell me that the mind/body moves toward healing on its own, regardless of the interventions we engage in.  Effective interventions for promoting physical and mental health are the ones that unblock or pave the pathway for the natural healing process to occur.  […]

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Senior Executive Team Meetings, Often Resemble Junior High School Sock Hops

February 8, 2017

Mark Ridley delivered a fascinating TED talk a few years ago, titled, When Ideas Have Sex. He maintained that our species competitive advantage over other species has a lot to do with our ability to communicate ideas, which ideally meet and mate with other ideas.  This process gives rise to innovation and better ongoing adapting […]

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Resistance to Change is a Management Myth

January 25, 2017

How many times, and for how long, have so many of us said that “people resist change”?   I have said it for years, as one of those statements that I assumed was true but without adequately thinking about it.  Now, thirty-five years into the game of individual and organizational change, I see things differently.  My […]

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Living the Good Life, Well

November 30, 2016

In my personal opinion there is not much joy in living long if you are not living well. Living well has many dimensions to it, including financial, physical, and psychological/spiritual well-being. So when I think about “the next stage”, I am thinking about amplifying both the quantity and quality of the last third of either […]

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Stop Making Sense

May 16, 2016

I am often puzzled in both my own case, and with those I work with, why what we say we want to change is so darn hard to do. We witness in befuddlement all these “dysfunctional behaviours” that we and others engage in that undermine espoused goals. It doesn’t make sense! Or does it? It […]

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Thought of the Day

March 24, 2016

Good morning Leaders, I came across this quote this morning and it inspired this short piece on leadership development. We spend way too much time and effort on developing outer leadership skills, and not enough attention on unearthing the inner sources for bad leadership habits, releasing the hold those habits have on us, and developing […]

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