Organizations don’t change, people do

by Brian Brittain on March 1, 2019


We talk about how it is important to change the organizational culture. But culture change is an outcome of individual behaviour change that grows.

To focus on culture change is kind of a cop-out. We all need to look in the mirror and ask and commit to what is it that I need to do differently to enable the kind of organizational change we are talking about.

We need different behaviours in the future that we didn’t need to the same extent in our past. Organizations and cultures change when individual people drop some old habits, and develop new more effective behavioural habits. Change is like a virus. It spreads. We tend to imitate each other. It all starts with you personally. You need to commit to the behaviour change (One Big Thing) that will make a difference in how you lead and team with others. You need to be courageous, open and honest about your One Big Thing. This One Big Thing is likely NOT a technical thing, or a desired behaviour, or new skill to be developed. That is all old school thinking.

Very likely the One Big Thing is about discovering and deactivating obstructive habits. This is new school thinking. This is why personal change is so hard, because we often have one hidden foot on the brake (old habits) as we try and accelerate with the other foot on the gas. We spin in circles and get nowhere. More on how to release your brake in the next missive.

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