How to interview a new potential leader!

by Brian Brittain on March 13, 2020


Executive Interview

  1. Are you present in mind, when she comes to ask for your thoughts?
  2. Do you listen with openness when one of your team is expressing their point of view?
  3. Are you kind and responsive when her home life is coming undone?
  4. Can you be trusted when you say you will do it by Monday?
  5. Can you be counted on when you say, “leave it with me.”
  6. When success hits the team, was it we or you who did it?
  7. When you know you can’t deliver, do you fess up immediately to your boss and ask for help?
  8. When one of your team, or colleague needs help and support, do you provide a safe place to ask for it?

So would you describe yourself as

  • rain, when growth and development is required of your team
  • air, when your team needs to take a breath and think clearly
  • a clear, but fair bar, when your team needs to raise its game
  • beer & pizza, when it’s time to acknowledge and celebrate
  • tough lover, when they slip beneath the capability of their better angels
  • sharp lens, when they need to be clear about what is expected.
  • forecast, when they need to hear what is possible
  • backboard, when the buck needs to stop with you.

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