Organizational Design and Effectiveness


Organizational Design and EffectivenessClient Issue

  • Much of an organization’s ineffective behaviour is caused by structures that prevent good work from flourishing. As a result, this can create ambiguous role expectations (what am I supposed to do?) and role relationships (how are we supposed to work together?). Complicating this confusion, there are often management layers that should add value to the next level down – but often fail to do so.

Our Approach

Through proper diagnosis we:

  • Pinpoint key gaps in the accountability and authority framework, whether it has to do with issues of clarity, commitment or clear consequences
  • Ensure that there is an appropriate number of management layers so that each one clearly adds context and value to the next.


  • A structure maximizing trust, clarity, commitment and full capability in horizontal and vertical working relationships is the result. This provides a strategic agenda informing and linking work everywhere in the organization, with the work having a line of sight to the strategy.