We enable CEOs and their Executive Teams to get better results through talking about what truly matters.

Organizational Design and Effectiveness Senior Team Effectiveness
Executive Talent Assessment and Planning Individual Leadership Development

Many organizations struggle with strategy execution. In our opinion, this is often because senior leaders have not yet developed the commitment and critical leadership skills that will enable them to effectively execute business strategy. Developing these collective leadership skills requires that the team learns to talk with each other and not just at each other. It also requires that senior leaders unlearn things that are undermining their progress. This includes beliefs, habits, assumptions about how things should be.

Brian Brittain is a rare bird (IMHO) because he flies at both the org/systems level and on the shop floor, so to speak, so he ends up being able to zoom in on finding issues before they become problems and/or figuring out the best lever to pull for maximum benefit. But what I like about him most is that he is pragmatically intellectual – he asks great, provocative questions but for a reason; not just to debate. Kelly Garramone, Managing Partner, KRW International

Our approach to a custom solution starts with a good diagnosis. Through best practice experience and expertise, confidential interviews and snapshot surveys, we determine what specific leadership strategy will provide you with the people and results that will most effectively realize your unique business strategy. With this important information, we partner with CEOs and senior teams to lay out the appropriate leadership development plan which can include:

Organizational design and clear accountability frameworks
Executive Talent Assessment and Planning
Senior Team Effectiveness
Individual Leadership Development

“I met Brian twenty years ago. He brings deep knowledge, curiosity and clear insight into all the work that he has done for us. He’s worked with our executive group for years on team alignment and organizational effectiveness. He coached a number of our senior executives and worked with our board on strategy issues. He’s all in for his clients and works incredibly hard to support their success. He’s one of the select “go to” people that I will work with and one of the few I would consider a trusted advisor.”
Paul Proulx, Sr. Vice President Corporate Services, Dundee Precious Metals

Together, your senior leadership and Brittain Consulting will develop a leadership strategy that will help you succeed.