Senior Team Effectiveness


Senior Team EffectivenessClient Issue

  • We have observed numerous senior teams that are not clear about their collective leadership role as stewards of the successful execution of strategic priorities and change agenda. They are often preoccupied with their functional responsibilities and neglect the enterprise’s effective team leadership. Consequently, while a good strategy may exist, the senior team fails to execute it.
  • Failure to execute is often a function of the inability of the team members to talk with each other about what is truly important.

Our Approach

  • Through confidential one-on-one interviews and on-line customized senior team surveys, we focus on where the senior team’s issues are both structurally and behaviourally.
  • We work with you and your team as a leadership entity to understand its role so that it maintains the accountabilities and authorities to fulfill enterprise-wide leadership effectiveness.
  • We then help foster the appropriate commitment and skills to work better with each other as the senior leadership team.
  • We often begin with helping team members “unfreeze” old personal and interpersonal habits with each other, which lead to talking at each other, rather than actually with each other.


  • A senior leadership team focused and aligned on the vital few organizational priorities, with a clear game plan, a high level of trust in each other, as well as the will and skill to enable other leaders to execute the strategic agenda.